About This Tru Thoughts Blog
I run a record label and I also do websites (besides journalism, internet consulting, graphism, A&R, booking agent and many more).
So a website about a record label is something I always need to practice. Working on the Tru Thoughts hard case (so many artists that issue so many releases on so many labels around Tru Thoughts) helped me practice my blog constructing skills...

Now why a web site about Tru Thoughts?
I've started this TIMEC/Djouls record label/website thing way back in 1996, and from the beginning i've followed some Coldcut's principles : "Don't use the media, be a media" and "Write your own history books".

I've started in 1996 by writing complete discographies with reviews for Ninja Tune, Mo' Wax, Warp, Phish and Medeski, Martin & Wood, which seemed to me at the time the most important things that were happening in music (and I was fu**ing right).
Those were my first online history books, and I meet people these days that praise and thank me for letting them discover those artists between 1996 and 1998!!
So those history books are useful in the end... cool.

Those history books have expanded in 10 years, I have so many on my website now.
Which gets to be "be a media" part... My website djouls.com is a media for my label TIMEC, you can find in there info about TIMEC, info about the cool music you can find and download on the web, info about the record that are NOT released in france or badly promoted or badly distributed, those history books, etc.
In 1999 I already had 30.000 visitors each month.
I never did any kind of promotion at all.
I have today 60.000 visitors each month and have become a reference guide in France,with people calling me "a living encyclopedia of modern music".

I just feel like an A&R/Record Label doing his job, listening to music, producing music, promoting music, and sharing music and tastes in music. Which is the job everyone who loves music should do. (you need to be highly dedicated to music though).

I now try to find the time to talk about at least 4 labels and 150 record reviews a year (two bests-of every 6 months... 2005 new one coming up very soon).

So this Tru Thoughts blog is my Tru Thoughts history book, its existence being a statement of my love for Tru Thoughts and its essentiality in today's music. It also has less philosophical purposes, like helping me get in touch with artists after reviewing a lot of their releases, promoting the swapping of remixing skills we've put in place with Jon Kennedy, Flevans, Treva Whateva and hopefully more others coming soon.

Another example is djouls.com/deodato.
Eumir Deodato found this page where we reviewed all his albums from the 60's up til now. He wrote to us to congrats. We got in touch, started talking and now a collaboration project between him and TIMEC (my label) should be in the works...

The idea is to respect the artists, show them you understand what their art is about, then contact them. And I'm not contacting them as a plain journalist, but as a record label with its history books. They all understand very fast.

If I don't write my Tru Thoughts history book, no one else will. In France, no one talks about Tru Thoughts. Their Distributor (La Baleine) seems to have been on the verge of bankrupcy nearly since the beginning, they don't develop web communities and stuff, they don't sell ringtones, they don't promote and they don't seem to pay (i won't go in the details on this - Rob if u need advice on the french market/ditribution/promotion/sales just ask me). Tru Thoughts doesn't have a promotion agency in France. Besides, all promotion agencies here don't work to promote the labels they've dealt with, they work to promote themselves (as djs, as publishers or labels), to promote their address book and I now consider them most of the time as total parasites. This has been proven up to the point where they're OK to promote labels for free just to have some catalog and be important...

So no one writes about Tru Thoughts today in France.

What will still be here in 10 years? What has sold, and what's been written about.
Tru Thoughts isn't selling much and isn't written about much in France.
But Tru Thoughts is ESSENTIAL to today's global music scene.
It's influence on many artists and labels can be compared to Ninja Tune and Mo' Wax (10 years ago).
And in 10 years, my sons & daughters & nieces and nephews will be able to read my history books, and the only way to preserve and diffuse information about essential music from today for them in 10 years is in writing about it.

That's why it's a unpaid work but someone's got to do it: WRITING ABOUT TRU THOUGHTS NOW!!

In english, other people can and are doing it, but in french, there's a void that TIMEC feels it can fill.

Even if that means not sleeping anymore. :)

Oh! Something I forgot.

There's three classes in music :
The lower class, unsigned artists, newly formed band, beginners, amateurs, etc.
The middle class: us indie labels and artists that have been doing it for 10 years.
The upper class: Fu**ing music that is over-promoted, and not everything is there can be called "music" (pop idol is in the upper class, for example)

This middle class is now the biggest part of music that is produced. kinda like an iceberg form the consumer's point of view.

The upper class is in competition mode, where artists "fight" to get to number one, to fill stadiums, etc.

The lower class is in "let's help each other" mode, of course.

Now the middle class has to understand that it needs to quit the competition, that it's artists and labels can only survive in helping each other. It's all about artists working together and not against one another.

That's why I do websites about other artists and labels that count IMHO, because we need to work together as a whole, to help each other, to collaborate...

Music in its essence is something that is good for humanity.
Music for the upper class isn't interested in that because there's no cash or glory in the good for humanity.
Music from the middle class is here for that: Real ARTISTS that do ART even if it's not paying the rent because they are ARTISTS when they wake up every day, anyway.