grant phabao lone ranger kulchaklash
Kulchaklash track-by-track commentary with Lone Ranger

01. Sweet Talking
This is Ranger doing some Sweet Talking for his daughter. Bouncy riddim.
02. Braeton Killings
This one has a more european crossover flavourish. Ray I is doing the original element.
03. Aya So We Deh
A chanting thing. An old Studio One roots tune I wanted to do for years. In this one we kinda have a singjay style...
04. High Grade
Wicked! Baad. A reasoning track. If you listen to it, smoke a spliff and go into meditation, you will go deep, very deep. It's a subliminal message for you to roll a big joint while listening to the album and relaxing. A goog meditation tune, this can soothe the mind.
05. Music Weh Dem Wan
Wicked. Wicked! Big tune! I'm trying to define a hip hop/reggae crossover there. Plenty style.
06. Rasta Roll Call
This one's alright. It has it's own flavour.
07. Fever
My favorite song on the whole album! For all these years I wanted to do "Fever" and I had to wait until I met Phabao and TIMEC to get it right. It's a combination style of Ranger, singer and deejay. Counteracting styles. Gliding in deejay style. Original 70 deejay style of Lone Ranger, you know.
08. Ethiopia
Chanting style. Inspiration style. Dedicated to my friends. With a wicked sax part. Late-ska/rocksteady flavour.
09. A Who
There's a lot of wool in a sheep's clothing. Rastaman, who are you?

It's a wicked album.
This a first one.
Many more coming, original Phabao style, but better!