"The Mackrosoft "Trilogy of Four" ends here at the beginning, part zero: "The Dawning of the Aja Aquarius". Conductor Aja West guides a great team of musicians on a journey to the edges of funk, hip-hop, comtemporary jazz, and experimental fusion. Four master drummers hold down the groove and guarantee dope beats throughout. Randy Guss (Toad the Wet Sprocket), Rich Lambert (Linkin Park), and the incredible father/son rhythm duo, Jason and Beck Vontver. Throughout the journey Skerik (Critters Buggin, Les Claypool) wields the sax like an electric guitar shredding through the mix while keyboard prodigy Alex Veley (Maktub, Dolemite) lays down the law on electric piano. Conductor Aja West plays analog synthesizers himself on this volume, much to fans delight. Multiple excellent vocalists appear throughout the album in Sly Stone/James Brown Style. Seattle soul man Darius Wilrich and Los Angeles sirens Heather Porcaro, Anne Montone (Elephonic), and Holland Greco (Peak Show) light up the album with their vocal flourishes. Produced and recorded by Aja West in Seattle, Los Angeles, and The Netherlands at Mackrosoft Studios. Featured radio singles are "Bolero" and "Thank You All"." - Mackrosoft.com

"The 4th (?) installment in the Macrosoft Trilogy -- and a great little record that's almost better than any of its precursors! The group seems to get better and better with each album -- and here, conductor Aja West is leading a large group of players in a swirling mix of keys, beats, and funky riffs -- all sounding surprisingly nice overall, with some warmer, jazzier touches than we've heard from the group in the past. Mackrosoft are really getting their sound together on this one, and there's some spacey electric funk numbers that tipple along with sweet little keyboard bits -- alongside other numbers with chunkier beats and a more guitar-based groove! Titles include "Calls For Rain", "Pillow Fight", "Dirty Dirty", "The Middle Passage", "Adrift In Azland's Mane", and "Thank You All"." - Dustygroove.com

"The very bridge between the forefathers - Clinton, Stone, Hancock - and something like D'Angelo" - Straight No Chaser

Artwork :
the mackrosoft the dawning of tha aja aquarius