"Veteran composer and producer Aja West guides super group "The Mackrosoft" to sweet freedom as they journey Straight Outta ROMpton. With a broad spectrum of production and writing work behind him, from music for the "Fight Club" soundtrack to Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Aja West now spreads his wings in challenging and funky new directions. This debut serves as the soundtrack to the online animated series, The Mackrosoft." - Mackrosoft.com

"Full of dope grooves that seem to have crept out of nowhere from the west coast underground. 8 tracks of instrumental hip hop, with a bit more pep than your typical hip hop record, and a lot more interesting twists and turns than your typical promo instrumental version of your favorite MC's album. Like your neighborhood Baskin Robbins, you get loads of different flavors, always topped off with sweet syrupy beats! Includes "The Moon Wink", "Lucky Charms", "Wei Lin Da", "Lord Have Mercy" and "Mack-Man"." - Dustygroove.com

"This is what music is supposed to be like. In today's drowning music scene, the Mackrosoft is a breath of life-saving air. It's got everything, yet somehow it all fits together perfectly. This is some of the best stuff I've heard in a long time. If you're looking for something amazing, and something different - look no further. You won't be dissapointed by this. I can't wait for the next Mackrosoft album." - DJ Peanuts.com

Artwork :
the mackrosoft straight outta rompton