"We rejoin our heroes as they continue on an instrumental journey of monumental proportions. The mythic source of love and compassion, Vaginus, serves as the crossroads for funk minded musicians young and old to meet and merge. The result is an exploration of sonic boundaries, pushing the envelope of Funk, Hip-Hop, Fusion, Jazz, Rock, and Classical. Conductor Aja West constructed this album entirely in The Netherlands on the island of Vlieland. Three great horn players, Skerik, Steve Moore, and Craig Flory, all members of the Syncopated Taint Septet are featured. Randy Guss of Toad the Wet Sprocket lays down some riotous funk drums. Dolemite bandleader Alex Veley plays rhodes piano like a Dolemite band leader should. Many other extraordinary players from Seattle, Los Angeles, and The Netherlands unite to create this passion stirring music." - Mackrosoft.com

"If space was this funky, NASA astronauts would never return! The album's the second in the excellent Mackrosoft trilogy -- and like the first, it features the core group augmented by a range of additional guest players -- in a sound that's overflowing with 70s funky grooves, and which is handled with a tightness that we'd never expect. There's a quality here that gets us from the very first note -- and which gets way past the silly title, and makes you appreciate these guys as a funky force to be reckoned with. Keyboards glide around the instrumental grooves of the set -- but they're also supported by some very tasty work on funky flute, sax, and guitar. Rhythms are funky and nicely to the point -- and titles include "Journey To Vaginus", "Cherry Blossom Children", "Fugue In Money B", "Dying For A War", "Enclavia De Labia", and "That Kind Of Party"." - Dustygroove.com

"The Funkiest Hip-hop Fusion Music....in the World! Half the producers in America are trying to copy it. Half of Europe already knows how dope it is and The Mackrosoft are royalty in Asia! The producer's producer, Aja West, is conducting and producing some of the illest, funkiest, and most intelligent music around. Skerik rips it up on sax, proving he's still one of the most skilled horn men alive. The drums on this record are so clean and tight... It's scary. Hip-hop heads will know the singles from radio, but it's the record as a whole that is a masterpiece. "Cherry Blossom Children" and "Dying for a War" are album highlights. Both tracks sound like very little other music ever created. A mix of Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats", Parliament's "Funkentelechy", and The Beastie Boys, "Check Your Head". A Future leaning classic." - DJ Peanuts.com USA

"It's deep in it's groove" - Straight No Chaser

Artwork :
the mackrosoft journey to vaginus