"The Adventure Begins! Super group, The Mackrosoft, presents "1st Mack to the Moon", installment one of the Mackrosoft Trilogy. This opus unites the originators of funk fusion with an incredible cast of players from the forefront of the genre today. The backbone is formed by Mike Clark on drums and Paul Jackson on bass, the acclaimed rhythm section from Herbie Hancock's Headhunters. Also featured is the legendary Fred Wesley of James Brown and George Clinton infamy, laying down some of his finest trombone solos in years. Among the featured new school players are members of the B-Side Players, Maktub, and The 88's. Produced and recorded by Aja West in Seattle, Los Angeles, and The Netherlands." - Mackrosoft.com

"The first chapter in the amazing Mackrosoft trilogy -- a record that really shows these guys stepping way past their roots, and into a realm of well-played funky jazz that certainly has us impressed! Leader Aja West is at the core of the set -- directing a larger group that features players from previous sets, plus guest work from a variety of even stronger players -- including 70s funk legends Fred Wesley, Paul Jackson, and Mike Clark! The tunes are long, funky, and done with some great electric jazz touches that really put the keyboards at the front of the tracks -- letting guitar, sax, and other instruments take up the rear. There's a stripped-down, no-nonsense quality here that we really like -- and our hats are off to the group for moving in this direction. Titles include "1st Mack To The Moon", "Funky Sea Funky Dew", "Gynacamastia", "Trouble Woman", and "3rd Mack To The Moon"." - Dustygroove.com

"In celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the most critically acclaimed and largest selling jazz funk album of all time, Herbie Hancock's "Headhunters", comes "1st Mack to the Moon". Under the direction of producer and composer, Aja West, Herbie's original rhythm section of Mike Clark on drums and Paul Jackson on bass reunite and sound better than ever. The inclusion of long time James Brown writer and arranger Fred Wesley on trombone takes this over the top. It's like a funk fusion fantasy band! Every track is incredibly dope, consistently funky and well recorded. It may take another thirty years of digestion for someone to properly follow up this effort!" - DJ Peanuts.com

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the mackrosoft 1st mack on the moon