"Another bold leap forward for Mackrosoft -- and a record that may well be their best to date! The vibe here is totally tight and equally funky -- a 70s electric jazz approach that's filled with great work on Fender Rhodes, grounded with heavy drums from Headhunter Mike Clark, and which even features some nice guest work from Skerik and Money Mark! Fender Rhodes really dominates the tunes -- setting the scene for the grooves from the get-go, then snaking through the rhythms in a slinky, soulful quality that really shows the group getting deeper into their sound with this release. Titles include "Quiet Encephalitics", "The Game In F Sharp Minor", "The Art Of Rollin", "The Mighty Luconchu", "Immortality Project", and "Antonio's Giraffe". - Dustygroove.com

Artwork :
the mackrosoft antonio's giraffe