[wallboomers] Dynamite Records was founded in 1980 by Clive Jarrett with help from his friends Sly & Robbie, Clive Buisy and Anthony Waldron aka Lone Ranger. Their goal was to release good quality music to capture the essence of what the label stood for. The core of this label was Sly & Robbie and the Taxi gang. They recorded mainly at Channel One studio with three of the best and creative engineers: Bunny (Tom Tom), Barnabas and Soljie Hamilton. The first single 'Don't Mess With Dread' by the Lone Ranger came out on the Powerhouse label then controlled by Robbie Shakespeare. Following the strong response to this single Robbie told Clive he thought Dynamite was ready to be let loose. The first two artists that recorded for the label were Carlton Livingston and the Lone Ranger. Their first album was Lone Ranger's 'Hi Ho Silver Away'. Carlton Livingstone was next, songs like 'Here I Stand, 'Marie' and 'Rumours' emerged and from these works the second LP out of the Dynamite stable was released. In 1981 Beswick (Bebo) Philips, Clive's longtime friend from their days living in Dunkirk, eastern Kingston, joined the team. Many of reggae's household names started recording for the label, but by 1985 the label ceased releasing material as its founders took time to cool off and launch other projects.