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Lone Ranger - Collection (Grapevine, UK) CD
Twenty of the masked man's biggest hits, ranging from "Barnabas Collins", through "Fist To Fist Days Done", to "Labour Ward". There is sufficient verbal imagination - as well as variation in rhythms - to maintain interest throughout.
(Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton)

[reggae-reviews] A "best of" collection for dancehall pioneer Lone Ranger is a great idea, but "Collections" fails to deliver the goods.  Inexplicably, several of the songs here are updated versions of Lone Ranger's hits.  "Burial," "M-16," and "Fist to Fist," for example, are backed by different, less raw, more modern dancehall rhythms than those on the "M-16" album.  Although not all of the cuts are re-recorded like these, many have a similarly watered down sound when compared to the greatness of the material on "M-16", especially when spread out over 20 tracks.  The strongest song here to me is the bouncy "Rub and Scrub," while the sing-songy "Rosemarie," the slow, poignant "Life in the Ghetto," "Johnny Bad So," and the hit "Barnabas Collins" are all solid.  But with 20 cuts, there is a lot of room for mediocre material that lacks the spark and freshness of Lone Ranger's best works.

[allmusic] Collection is a fine 20-track overview of the Lone Ranger's recordings for Grapevine, featuring such songs as "Love Bump," "Labour Ward," "Barnabus Collins," "Fist to Fist," "Scandal," "Gun Shot," "Learn to Drive," "Natural Herb," "Rub and Scrub," "Life in the Ghetto" and "Natty Dread."