"The Cheebacabra's debut album presents an onslaught of tight beats and catchy instrumental grooves, a unique fusion of soul, funk, jazz, and electronica. At age 18, Cheeba was hired as a member of the Dust Brothers production team, an opportunity that enabled him to work alongside some of modern music's most innovative artists, including Money Mark, Run DMC, Beck, and Santana. Three years and hundreds of songs later, Cheeba had learned a thing or two about production and beat-making as can be evidenced on an early Cheeba remix, "Hit Me Again", off of the Fight Club soundtrack. After leaving the Dust camp, Cheeba relocated to his hometown of Seattle and began working on his first solo production: "Metamorphosis". Enlisting the talents of several other musicians, The Cheebacabra was formed, a septet of some of the West Coast's funkiest underground players (including ex-Maktub keyboardist Alex Veley and percussionist Victor Tapia of San Diego's B-Side Players). Enjoy!" - Mackrosoft.com
"New school funk for old school heads! A nice new offering from the west coast, with sly, sinister grooves, punctuated by all manner of keys, be they Fender Rhodes, groovy organ or quacking clavinet, plus sax and guitar to round things out nicely. The vibe here leans towards the slicked up and laid back rather than raw and greasy, but then we need something to fit all our moods, don't we? Tasty bits and shorter grooves like "Metamorphosis", "The Electric Ant" and "Operation Anaconda" leave you hungry for more, but there's several numbers where the Cheebas stretch out, like "Push", "The Players Rendezvous", and "The Hidden Valley". 10 tracks in all." - Dustygroove.com

Artwork :
the cheebacabra metamorphosis