Musicians :
Bass - Bryan Atkinson, Earl Walker
Drums - Clevie
Lead Guitar - Eric Frater
Rhythm Guitar - Eric Frater
Keyboards - Jackie Mittoo
Alto Sax - Karl Bryan
Tenor Sax - Roland Alphonso
Trumpet - Johnny Moore
Piano - Jackie Mittoo


[Reggae - The Rough Guide - The Definitive Guide To Jamaican Music, From Ska Through Roots To Ragga]
Lone Ranger - Badda Den Dem (Studio One, JA) LP
His second album for Dodd was more obviously in the fully developed dancehall mode. Beside mixes that contrast strongly with the previou set's, there are most of the rhythms that were calling ths shots, including "Real Rock", "Shank I Shek", "Throw Me Corn", "Full Up" and a second cut of "Never Let Go". Curiously, his really big Studio One hits are still absent.
(Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton)