DJ: RasWalter vibes from all around the world!
station: RADIOSTUDIOWEB Potenza, Italy


SEEED 'Aufstehn!' from 'Next!' Warner
SEAN PAUL & STACIOUS 'Dream' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
JAH CURE 'Love is' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
GYPTIAN 'Serious Time' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
NANKO 'Lucky You' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
HERO 'No More War' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
NORRIS MAN 'Home and Away' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
LADY G & MACKA DIAMOND 'I want a Man' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
I WAYNE 'Lava Ground' from 'Lava Ground' VP
I WAYNE 'Don't Worry' from 'Lava Ground' VP
I WAYNE 'Nah Draw Nil' from 'Lava Ground' VP
CEDRIC CONGO MYTON 'Romeo and Juliet' from 'Inna de Yard: Cedric Congo Myton' Makasound
CEDRIC CONGO MYTON 'Children Crying' from 'Inna de Yard: Cedric Congo Myton' Makasound
LINVAL THOMPSON 'Jah Jah Dreader than Dread' from 'Inna de Yard: Linval Thompson' Makasound
LEROY BROWN 'Metro Pigs' from 'Color Barrier' Makasound
KEVIN BATCHELOR & MIKEY JARRETT 'Barbary Coast-Engine 54' from 'Batchelor Party' Living Room
GRANT PHABAO FEAT LONE RANGER 'Aya So We Deh' from 'Kulchaklash' Timec
GRANT PHABAO FEAT SIMON DIAMOND 'Rasta Roll Call' from 'Kulchaklash' Timec

NICO ROYALE 'Camminando' from 'Nico Royale' Autoprod.
NICO ROYALE & LIGHT SOLDIER 'America' from 'Nico Royale' Autoprod.
PAPA GIANNI 'Amami Ancora' from 'Love University' Ciccioman
CICCIOMAN & DATI 'Quei Dub d'Amore' from 'Love University' Ciccioman
ANTONIO GALASSO 'Love University' from 'Love University' Ciccioman
ROB THE SHINYMAN 'Quei Silenzi' from 'Love University' Ciccioman