"Aja West pimps it like Adam Yaunch (MCA). Delivering electro-love songs and flowing over a myriad of beats seem to come naturally to our young hero. He's definitely getting the most out of his vocoder. Aja West macks like Princess Superstar's long-lost little brother. Somewhere, Beck is shedding tears of pride and joy." - Mixer Magazine

"An early outing from Aja West -- the main force behind Mackrosoft's funky vibes! The sound here has a lot more of a hip hop approach than the Mackrosoft albums -- with lots of beats and a fair bit of rhymes, but also some traces of the 70s funk that would show up in later projects. We'll be honest in saying that Aja's a better funky bandleader than he is a hip hopper, but there's a few nice moments in the set too. Titles include "Hit List", "Trauma", "The Big Ol Butt", "Bananas", "Love Me Now", and "Not Breathing"." - Dustygroove.com

Artwork :
aja west trauma life in the E.R.