"Aj Chavez is the greatest living composer of music for adult cinema. Chavez plays, mixes, cuts, scratches, and manipulates live porno-grooves. The perfect album for cutting edge couples and swingers alike. Both fun and erotic, this album is a future leaning gazpacho of styles that is guaranteed to hit the spot." - Mackrosoft.com

"Funky beats, samples, and riffs from AJ Chavez -- all styled together as a pseudo-porno release, and packaged with a lot of nudie pics! (Sorry kids.) The album's actually a lot better than you might guess from the exploitative cover -- simple and effective, with a style that's somewhere between the best of the Bulldog Breaks albums, and some of the recent Pornosonic work -- which is clearly very much in the same spirit. The tracks aren't named on the cover at all -- most likely to allow for more room for photos of T&A -- but the overall quality is high enough that you won't miss the names of the tracks at all!" - Dustygroove.com

Artwork :
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