the cheesenans astral dancing
The Cheesenans
Featuring Captain Détendu, David°F, Lone Ranger & Meeta Pandit!
Astral Dancing (Move Your Boddhi)
(12"/CDS) TIMEC064, 2004-01

Tracklisting :
01 Astral Dancing (Move your Boddhi) (radio edit) | Download MP3
02 Astral Dancing (Move Your Boddhi) (extended club mix)

"Astral dancing... Get ready. Move your boddhi. Get freaky. Be what you want to be. Get higher. To Nilaya. Go wander. Buddah nature. Get freaky. Free and frekay. Like Bootsy. Explore your fantasy... Astral dancing..." Du gros n'importe quoi au curry pour dancefloors en mal de crossovers absurdes!

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