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Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba sur Nanny Tango Radio

Nanny Tango Radio - Sat, 22 Oct 2005
8 Til 9PM - Blast 1386 (Reading area)
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This week: electro anthems, Italian soundtracks, old school rhyming, cosmic jazz & enough in between

Tracklisting :
Suicide Sports Club - Looks Like A Star [B_Rock]
Edda Dellorso - Dream Within A Dream (La Donna Invisible OST) [El/Cherry Red]
Sofa Surfers - One Direction [Klein]
Sun Ra - China Gates [Savoy Jazz/Denon]
Soothsayers - Do You Want To Know (Jung Collective Rehash) [Red Earth]
Gray Matter - Let Go, Let Flow [New Media Institue/Kwerk]
El Da Sensei - Course Of My Life [Skoolastic/Kwerk]
Jack Arel & Jean Claude Petit - Ahmedabab Theme [Chappell]
TIMEC feat. Steve & Larry Johnson - Incalculabl [T.I.M.E.C.] From the TIMEC - Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba album
Loratta Heywood - Little Angel [TBTG]
Broken - Automatic [Mind]
Jack Arel & Jean Claude Petit - Pictures Of Oceania [Chappell]
La Beto Villares - Africa [Rambling]
Nino Rapicavoli - Modelli [Rambling]
? - She Is Awesome, She Is Great! [Rambling]
Suicide Sports Club - The Last Ghost In Town [B_Rock]
Put It On - The Hidden Track [True To Form]