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About T.I.M.E.C. (V.O.)

T.I.M.E.C. (stands for The Incredible Melting Entertainment Companions) is a Very Special Agency making artists' websites, editorial sites, and offering the help of its numerous agents to various labels throughout the galaxy.
More than 1 million people have already visited one of the sites on the T.I.M.E.C. planet:
- alleluyark.com, Ark's official site
- captaindetendu.com, Captain Detendu's official site
- djouls.com, artists and labels' discographies, music news
- future-paradise.com, David_F's official site
- grantphabao.com, Grant Phabao's official site
- havanito.com, compilations buyers' guide
- kactus.org, Kactus Hunters' official site
- kraked.com, official site for the french record label Kraked
- mysterk.com, Myster K's official site
- professoroz.com, Professor Oz's official site
- rangerstyle.com, Lone Ranger's official site
- saounds.com, downloading guide for mp3, real and wma
- timec.net, official website for the record label TIMEC

T.I.M.E.C. (stands for The Incredible Malting Entertainment Companions) is also a collective of musicians, DJs and producers coming from everywhere who unite around thematic music common projects.

Three albums on the following themes, are already finished:
- Lounge (TIME(C) TO RELAX - French downtempo madness),
- Electrolatino (ELECTRONIC BOSSA & PSYCHEDELIC SOUL SAMBA - Cheesy brazilian grooves),
- Christmas (NOELECTRO - Merry Xmas beats).
Three jewels, of incredible electro-jazz with a unique cohesion, already available in the TIMEC Shop.

T.I.M.E.C. (stands for The Incredible Melting Entertainment Companions) is, finally, an independent label advocating for taste against waste, will against boredom, activity against lobotomy... This view has already gathered many Parisians artists sharing a rather immoderate passion for music.

After long months spent in the studio, in front of the computers, the small T.I.M.E.C. crew is broadcasting its production in the mp3 format or via small CD or Maxi series ultra-limited and numbered (50 to 100 copies).

We are waiting for the coming album of Popsanova, a project halfway between Popstars and Jazzanova, produced by Captain Détendu, who's also working on his first opus, l'Ile de la Détentation. We are also highly expecting Grant Phabao's first album (at least for those who haven't heard it yet!).

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